The topics of CAAD: An evolutionary perspective — a research for representing the space of CAAD

— Bhatt, Anand; Martens, Bob (2009) The topics of CAAD: An evolutionary perspective – a research for representing the space of CAAD T. Tidafi and T. Dorta (eds) Joining Languages, Cultures and Visions: CAADFutures 2009, PUM, 2009, pp. 626- 641

Keywords: Ontology, clustering, metrics, machine learning and data mining

This paper is concerned with the ongoing changes and the evolution of CAAD using machine-assisted techniques. It is feasible to create a hypothesis of the identity of the discipline depicted in the archived published output, and semantically link it to the data cloud. This allows for expansion of the meanings embodied in the research and inference about what CAAD is, and to trace back how the field progressed. We present several case-studies showing how this inference is done and finally, observations are elaborated and an outlook on further work is discussed.
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