ELPUB Digital Library v2.0: Application of semantic web technologies

— Bhatt, Anand, and Bob Martens. ELPUB Digital Library v2.0: Application of semantic web technologies In Let’s Put Data to Use: Digital Scholarship for the Next Generation - 18th International Conference on Electronic Publishing, 104-111. ELPUB. Thessaloniki, Greece: IOS Press, 2014.

Keywords: Digital repository, Open Access, Semantic Web, Mining and Social Engagement

This paper presents the ongoing efforts to further develop the ELPUB digital library, which highly supported the dissemination of published materials within the community in the past years. elpub.scix.net has been serving the ELPUB-community since a decade, predominantly aiming to archive the output of the annual conferences. Doubtless, there is still a need for a platform to maintain the collective memory” of the association and so far over 700 entries from 17 conferences were recorded. The repository, which utilized the SciX-technology, delivered the user access to the individual papers and made the data available via an OAI-interface as well. However, in the course of time digital library technology evolved and an association dedicated to Electronic Publishing ought to be at the forefront of novel developments. For this reason a shift was performed towards the Architexturez platform (library.elpub.net) aiming to implement advanced semantic web features. Especially the display of evolving topics and their gradual development is appealing and moreover the aggregation of individual bibliographies. Many of the features were designed in consultation with research communities in, among others, architectural computing and real estate. While deploying features and capabilities are well established in the digital library domain, the system is designed to support further research by the ELPUB community and this paper will elaborate on the transition and deliver an overview on the current prospects along with the technical capabilities.
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