Articles: Organisation of Ideas, Anand Bhatt - Architect


Research Papers

  • ELPUB Digital Library v2.0 - Bhatt, Anand, and Bob Martens. ELPUB Digital Library v2.0: Application of semantic web technologies″ In Let’s Put Data to Use: Digital Scholarship for the Next Generation - 18th International Conference on Electronic Publishing, 104-111. ELPUB. Thessaloniki, Greece: IOS Press, 2014.
  • The topics of CAAD - Bhatt, Anand; Martens, Bob (2009) The topics of CAAD: An evolutionary perspective — a research for representing the space of CAAD T. Tidafi and T. Dorta (eds) Joining Languages, Cultures and Visions: CAADFutures 2009, PUM, 2009, pp. 626- 641
  • Studying Corpus Changes in CumInCAD - Bhatt, Anand; Kishore, AVV (2008) Studying Corpus Changes in CumInCAD Architecture in Computro [26th eCAADe Conference Proceedings / ISBN 978-0-9541183-7-2] Antwerpen (Belgium) 17-20 September 2008, pp. 855-860
  • Modeling conventional Architectural Processes - CAADRIA 2008 [Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Computer Aided Architectural Design Research in Asia] Chiang Mai (Thailand) 9-12 April 2008, pp. 132-142
  • On-To-CAAD - Bhatt, Anand, and Bob Martens. On-To-CAAD: Investigating the Knowledge Contained within the Corpus of CAAD Research.” In Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Computer-Aided Architectural Design Research in Asia, 413-424. CAADRIA. Kumamoto, Japan: School of Architecture and Civil Engineering; Kumamoto University, 2006.


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